ROOM REVEAL // Escencia Great Room

Our pictures from our Escencia Project came in and we are so excited to finally get to share them with you all! We had so much fun working on this project with this client. She had a minimalistic style, wanting to keeping all larger and more expensive pieces timeless and neutral, while still adding pops of color here and there with interchangeable items throughout the seasons. You too can bring pops of color into to your own home by adding pillows, rugs, artwork, books, and plantlife. We thoughtfully created shopping links for you all for to this project's kitchen + living room so that you can go through and choose what you want to bring into your own spaces, whether its a few items, or an entire collection! Check out this project: 

Check out the link below, and shop similar items to this room from our favorite vendors. Click the products you must-have, and it will take you directly to their website for purchasing! We are loving all of these kitchen items: 

From pillows, coffee books, to plants we thoughtfully selected similar items to this living room! Click through the items below, and select what you would like to bring into your own space for a similar look! 

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