P.S. Design For You // Cement Tile

There is one trend we can't get enough of and it's cement tile!  We know we're not alone on this one!  Cement tile is the perfect way to bring in color and pattern without overpowering your space.  It has just the right amount of detail to give your design a certain wow factor!  There are so many different styles that can compliment pretty much any design.  You want Spanish? Mid-century modern?  Or maybe just downright eclectic!  Either way, cement tiles have you covered.

Design: Pure Salt Interiors / Photo: Stephanie Anderson
Design: Pure Salt Interiors / Photo: Stephanie Anderson

Some may be a little hesitant to put cement tile in their homes because they're afraid it may become too busy but fear not!  We're going to let you in on some application tricks!

Where to apply:

We love that cement tile is versatile and can be used in pretty much any space.  This doesn't mean to go completely tile crazy!  It's all about the subtle touches.

Floor: Cement tile is great for flooring, especially in your bathroom, but if you choose to do a patterned cement tile for floor, keep the rest of your room clean and simple.

Back splash:  This is the perfect way to integrate some pattern into your room!  It draws your attention to the detail while giving your design a cool and fresh vibe.

Fireplace:  Want to make your mantle the focal of your room?  Do it with cement tile! Whether it's on the hearth or the face of your fireplace, you really can't go wrong!

Design: Emily Henderson
Design: Emily Henderson
Design: Regan Baker Design
Design: Regan Baker Design
Design: Rafter House
Design: Rafter House
Design: House of Jade
Design: House of Jade

How to Care:

Okay!  So you've installed your new beautiful tile, what next? Cement tile is very durable but with a little extra care.  Since it is a natural, porous material it needs to be sealed and treated before use.  Here are are some steps to make sure your tile stays looking beautiful!

  1. After installation, allow the moisture to evaporate from your tile.  This will prevent fractures and water-logging.
  2. Thoroughly clean your tile to remove oil, grease, and dirt.
  3. After cleaning, re-seal any grout or tile lines for extra protection.
  4. Choose the appropriate sealant for your project and test on small area of your tile to make sure it gives desired effect.  Meaning, glossy, matte, color enhancing sealants, or penetrating sealants.
  5. Apply your sealant evenly and let completely dry.

Where to Buy:

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