HOME TOUR // Pencil & Paper Creative Development Co.

THIS HOME. This home has had our hearts since the very moment we laid eyes on it.  Everything, and we mean EVER TINY DETAIL, just speaks to us and we had to share in our favorite series, Home Tours. Pencil & Paper are Interior Design Master Minds.  Their completely raw talent is so perfectly paired with their lifestyle and an impeccable professionalism, they are simply one of the BEST, and we are in love with their work.  Let's read on together and watch this beautiful space unfold! 

We think one of the most interesting and unique things about Pencil & Paper Creative Development is that they MOVE INTO their projects. Not all of them of course, but they will actually move into a very old house, live in it and FEEL what it needs by seeing how their family takes root in it over time.  We think this is SO genius, because design should be centered about what works, what flows and how a space lends itself to the needs of the families living within it.  What better way to learn the intricate in's and out's of an old home, than to MOVE IN?! Basically reading the minds of future clients who will be purchasing the space, or perhaps have already purchased the space.  GENIUS, we tell you, sheer GENIUS. 

We love a bright and white kitchen, but here's the thing...it can't just be ALL WHITE.  The trick to the bright and white kitchen is blending textures, adding slight variations on white and making it pop with one main accent, here for example, the INCREDIBLE gold that has been perfectly placed throughout the space, makes everything POP especially against that SUPER SUBTLE gray (almost sagey) cabinet. DIVINE PERFECTION.  

The navy accents here, bring a very regal feel to the space, but the chairs keep this space young and not so terribly serious. Awesome combo of modern with retro touches. 

The modern, yet vintage inspired wallpaper is subtle but adds HUGE amounts of texture and depth to this space that just can't be matched by paint. The key here is to keep the tones so light that it feels more like a texture being added to the space and not color. 

Here is a perfect portrait of what makes a VERY white space feel so warm and inviting! There is the painted brick, that although white, adds LOADS of texture to the space, amidst the white marble countertops that juxtapose so elegantly against the gray patterned wallpaper. 

This RANGE! Can we talk about this range, please?! We think it deserves it's very own hall of fame! In our humble opinion, we think this baby makes the space next level, the personality factor skyrocket's with this antique french range in that unbearably beautiful shade of gray with the gold accents, don't you agree?!  

Another timeless factor that makes this Bright and White Kitchen utterly elegant is that natural light factor.  We've said it before, and we will most definitely be saying it again.  Natural light can make or break a space.  In a renovation ALWAYS make light a top priority, if there's not enough, make room for more, if there's just enough, still add more.  It is a huge factor in making a space feel alive, welcoming and bright and airy, as you can totally feel in these images.