HOME TOUR // Katie Hackworth of H2 Design & Build

Today's Home Tour comes from the outrageously talented Husband & Wife duo of H2 Design + Build.  Paul & Katie Hackworth have such a timeless aesthetic to their work and you can ABSOLUTELY tell that these homes are restored by someone who has mastered their craft, because every single detail looks as though it was meticulously and very professionally tended to.   Read on for all of the beautiful details of this restored cottage. 

This restored cottage style home was taken back to a classic beauty in the Washington Park neighborhood of Seattle.  Interior Designer, Katie Hackworth of H2 Design & Build used a classic palette and materials to make this cottage feel true to it's time, as well as effortlessly modern all within the same breath. 

Classic White Carerra Marble, white subway tile backsplash, matte black cabinets finished off with gorgeous brass fixtures and hardware.  This kitchen very quietly pulls in todays trends but in the most sophisticated and subdued way. 

One of the FIRST things that stood out to me about this gorgeous design was all the light.  The entire kitchen is completely illuminated by these classic windows which is what takes this space to the next level, making it feel alive and rejuvenated. 

Katie had this built in nook put in for extra storage space for the families art supplies & toys.  Everything is easily accessible as well as hidden from the eye so the space stays clean and organized.  Built-Ins are a HUGE asset to a family home, since somehow kids just accumulate loads of THINGS.  Built In's keep everything tidy, organized and in it's place. 

Leather Kitchen chairs...GENIUS.  Genius for two reasons.  One, they are just plain stylish, they withstand the test of time and trend and will look good for years down the line.  Two, they can take anything little kids throw at them (literally).  Leather is such a durable material, that in our opinion, just get's better the more roughed up it gets, so they're almost taunting you to push them to their very limit.  

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Photo Credit: Belathée Photography

Builder: H2 Design + Build

Architectural Designer: Katie Hackworth for H2

Interior Designer: Katie Hackworth for H2