As women who LOVE our community and are deeply rooted in Orange County, we would like to devote a portion of our business focus to GIVING BACK.  

People all around us are in need of a HOME for so many different reasons and there are a million different ways we can give back to our community and our world to bring these beautiful homes and designs full circle and infuse some REAL MEANING into what we are doing here on Earth.

Whether it's deciding where to spend your dollars with a design project, or where to give your time to a charity project or even just as simple as where to send a donation, we want to bring light to this part of the design world and inspire others to get involved and give back however we can.

So if you have an awesome charitable cause that you want to share with a specific focus on Homes, Design, or Recycled/Donated Furniture, please send our way so we can spread the word and get our team involved!

Send us the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN AND WHY of the cause in that little tiny button below.

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