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Photo : Wit & Delight
Photo : Wit & Delight

Ok folks, we're starting. We have decided to fully commit to this process of cleaning up and refreshing our space, starting with the all important and very central FAMILY ROOM. Before we start any home project, the OCD in us absolutely HAS TO purge (TRUE STORY). Starting out with a clean slate and a clear mind to really know what we will need to buy and what we will want to keep is key to making a space really work and come together well. 


1. Is it meaningful?  

2. Is it beautiful?

3. Do I use it?

4. Does it work?

The answer has to be a resounding YES to anything that is kept. In the family room, first focus on the small stuff you keep in this room, i.e. books, toys, dvd's, decor, games etc. Filter through everything!!

Questions to ask yourself while filtering: Is there a better place for this item in the house?? Everything should have a place and everything should be in it's place. Make this part of your process (and life!) and all will be good in the world.


1. What do I want to keep as part of the room: i.e. favorite leather chair, awesome side table you found at the flea market, that killer new lamp you just bought on a whim and have to fit into the design somehow or your thriving plant collection.

Even if it is not working in the current room as it is now, doesn't mean it doesn't have full potential to wow you in the future. 

2. What do I REALLY want to purchase here: New Couch? Book Shelves? Coffee Table? Lighting? This will help you keep what you want and get rid of the items you won't need anymore.

Now go grab yourself a Starbucks, send the kids off to school and get to organizing!!