Hi friends! Welcome to Pure Salt Interiors Blog! We are truly honored that you are here.  In this place that we meet is where our PASSION lives, where we come to thrive and connect with this incredible community of people with like minded design spirits.

Here, you will find us dedicated to bringing forth all of the innovative ideas that live in our minds, out and onto this space, to help you make the most of your home and the lives you live in it.

As you can most likely tell by now, we are officially enamored with interior design and everything that has to do with a home from building it to living in it and the everyday life that happens in it.

To us, the home is such an important place. It is a place where your family is, where you come together, grow and learn. You make memories in a home, from festive holiday meals, to the bedtime tantrum and late night feedings with little babes. From morning work at the home office, to after school lunches, to raising up puppies, to Friday night movies in, to a bbq with friends.

LIFE happens in the home, wherever that home may be for you. WE think it is our job to honor the home, make it beautiful, functional, fun and ALIVE for everyone who may enter. We plan to take you all on this journey of turning a house into a home, piece by piece, from whatever stage OF HOME-ING you may be in.

From your first apartment (or even a dorm room...where we started off together!) to your starter home, maybe a vacation home or God willing, your dream home. We will share creative things that we do to keep our homes ALIVE, revived and fresh in inspiring posts, informative and useful series, and interviews from the experts.

We plan on sharing the best of the best, the creme of the crop, the SALT OF THE EARTH here. Thank you for being here with us, we are so very very happy to have you!


Leigh & Aly